The Rose:

Book Two of The Guard Series

Children of the murdered elite, halflings of the prophesy, and guardians of the fey realm – in the present time, the guard sangréal strives to bring peace to their world yet can't escape their drowning need for vengeance and the consequences of the past. Splintered by betrayals and unraveling secrets, the guard must find a way to combat the darkest force in existence, a power infiltrating them one at a time.


Thrust two years into the past, Caroline’s survival depends upon the mate who deceived her. In search of an ancient treasure­­ – thought to be the key to defeating the Council – the two must find a way to trust each other as they trek a century back in time, navigating the treacherous wild, and battling fey who will go to any lengths to destroy them.

Main Characters

The Guard Sangréal

Caroline Lay – half-dwarf of the Unseelie court

Rowan Hamilton – half-elf of the Unseelie court

Willem Leary – half-troll of the Seelie court

Barren Lochlan – half-green man of the Seelie court

Christian Alexander – half-gnome of the Seelie court


Merlin Emrys – human elder and magician

Archimedes – Merlin's enchanted pet owl

Commander Davis – human leader of the guard, informant

Megan Prince – half-pixie from the Seelie court, Caroline's roommate and mentor

Kate Sullivan – human, the school's director

Family Players

Oberon Lay – pureblood dwarf of the Unseelie court, Caroline's uncle

Titus Lay – half-dwarf of the Unseelie court, Oberon's son

Tory Lay – pureblood dwarf of the Unseelie court, Caroline's father

Mathilda Lay – pureblood dwarf of the Unseelie court, Caroline's Guardian, Oberon's sister

Miriam Hamilton – human, Rowan's mother

Royal Hamilton – pureblood elf of the Unseelie court, Rowan's father

Iris Hamilton – pureblood elf of the Unseelie court, Rowan's Guardian

Justice Leary – pureblood troll of the Seelie court, Willem's father

Josselyn Leary – human, Willem's mother

Jude Alexander – pureblood gnome of the Seelie court, Christian's father

Cassius Lochlan – pureblood green man of the Seelie court, Barren's father

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