The Grail:

Book One of The Guard Series

Caroline Lay has spent the last six months coping with physical changes she can’t begin to understand. She’s changing into a halfling—half-faery, half-human. When her existence becomes too tormented, she comes to the one place where there may be hope, an enchanted island in the Irish Sea called Annwn. Here, she is thrust into a foreign realm led by the infamous magician, Merlin.


Beautiful, headstrong, and lethal, Rowan Hamilton is a hero among the fey, and one of four known members of the elite guard sangréal. But with gruesome clan attacks mounting, the dreaded prophecy begins to unfold. Tortured physically and emotionally by his bond to Caroline—the mate who doesn’t yet know him—Rowan helps her discover who she is while trying to protect her from becoming the ultimate pawn in a realm being torn apart by those seeking her power.

Main Characters

The Guard Sangréal

Caroline Lay – half-dwarf of the Unseelie court

Rowan Hamilton – half-elf of the Unseelie court

Willem Leary – half-troll of the Seelie court

Barren Lochlan – half-green man of the Seelie court

Christian Alexander – half-gnome of the Seelie court


Merlin Emrys – human elder and magician

Archimedes – Merlin's enchanted pet owl

Commander Davis – human leader of the guard, informant

Megan Prince – half-pixie from the Seelie court, Caroline's roommate and mentor

Family Players

Oberon Lay – pureblood dwarf of the Unseelie court, Caroline's uncle

Titus Lay – half-dwarf of the Unseelie court, Oberon's son

Mathilda Lay – pureblood dwarf of the Unseelie court, Caroline's Guardian, Oberon's sister

Miriam Hamilton – Rowan's mother

Iris Hamilton – pureblood elf of the Unseelie court, Rowan's Guardian

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