The Guard Series

A modern day fairytale


The Grail

Book One of The Guard Series

The Rose

Book Two of The Guard Series


Sneak Peek

I open my eyes, focusing on the rise and fall of his chest against mine. He doesn’t say anything else, and I don’t need him to. I take a deep breath and close my lids again, savoring every second of his attention and security – his stable hold. It feels as good as being suddenly home. His familiar scent soothes my sadness as his lips press against my forehead and then the tip of my nose. And in this moment, mate or not, he’s all that I need.

Excerpt from

The Rose



I am a Midwestern gal who has been weaving tales since grade school. I am a writer and storyteller by trade, working by day as a digital communications strategist. I am married to a craft mustard-maker and a mom to a fellow dreamer and very imaginative kiddo. I began formalized creative writing classes in high school and continued throughout college, and now work with several writing and editing professionals to help hone my craft. I write to meet the characters roaming around in my head. I am a proud self-published author, avid fiction-reader, and a total sucker for a happy ending. 



Book Three of The Guard Series
Release of The Rose, Book Two of The Guard Series

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